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PhotoPhrame Privacy Policy

Date of this Policy: March 1, 2024

Collection of information

The PhotoPhrame App (the "App") does not collect any data or information about you or your use of the App, especially not your photos. We do not attempt to identify you by any means.

Use of information

Because the PhotoPhrame App does not collect any information about you, we cannot and do not use such information for our own purposes or share it with others.

In-App purchases

The App does not offer any purchases.

In-App advertisements

The App does not show any advertisements.


The App itself does not store any cookies on your device, but our web hosting service and other technology providers may place cookies required for the functioning of this web site.


If you voluntarily place a review of the App, either through our App or directly at the Apple App Store, we and everyone else may read the review.


If you contact us using the contact form on this web site or otherwise, in regard to this Privacy Policy or other matters, we may read and respond to your communication, and may store it for a period of time in connection with such response.

Revisions to Privacy Policy

We may revise this privacy policy at any time with notice only on this PhotoPhrame web site.

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