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About PhotoPhrame

  • Produce a show of your photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad, or use Apple's AirPlay to project the photo show to your Apple TV or many smart TVs.

  • Clean consistent user interface - no hunting for important features among "Settings"; legible type throughout.

  • Context-sensitive help everywhere in the App if you ever want it; cautions when you need them.

  • No in-App ads, in-App purchases, intrusive music or subscription fees to detract from your experience.

  • Select which photos to show in five ways: all your photos, your favorites, individual photos that you pick, the photos in albums that you choose, or all the photos between dates you choose.

  • Easily set the amount of time you want to display each photo.

  • Multiple options for displaying your photos and videos: ordered by date or shuffled, to fit the screen or fill the screen (without distortion), in landscape mode or portrait mode or both, and with or without the photo location and/or photo date.

  • Instant control of your photo show with a touch.

  • We do not collection any information about you or your use of the App - nothing, nada, zip!


Well, we're not charging for this App, and not showing annoying in-App ads or asking for in-App purchases.  So how do we make money?  What's the catch?  The short answer is we don't and there isn't.  PhotoPhrame was written by a biotech pioneer who made his fortune developing technology used in several breakthrough cancer drugs.  Now mostly retired, he has dusted off his PhD in mathematics and his ancient programming experience (in long-forgotten languages) and started writing iPhone Apps as a hobby.  But nothing good lasts forever, and in the future after we've accumulated some reviews, we may well start charging a nominal amount for the App to cover our expenses.  So download it now for free while you can!  And tell your friends!

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